Hexa Bitcoin Wallet — PreCoiner wallet with ProCoiner powers

Ali Meer
4 min readNov 6, 2020

If you have ever tried onboarding new users to the great Bitcoin revolution, you might have come across the hard part of explaining how to secure your private keys. Most new-comers lose interest at this point, and this is where custodian services seem like an attractive and safer option. For a pre-coiner, the fact that losing their keys means losing all their bitcoin is a little too much to accept, especially when you mention that there isn’t a customer support number to call, in case one loses them. As the price of bitcoin keeps rising, more and more people would continue to become interested in bitcoin but end up opting for the custodian route, 1) Due to plain misinformation and 2) As the prospect of saving and securing a random list of obscure words seems daunting and risk-prone.

This is one of the problems we, at BitHyve, have tried to solve for the pre-coiners with Hexa Bitcoin Wallet. The objective is to make using bitcoin “easy” while offering advanced features and capabilities. Hexa Wallet has built all this on a robust 3 tier architecture.

1. Seedless Backup and Recovery